Area Development Agreement

The biggest risk for a franchisor who votes for multi-family buildings is of course the choice of the fake developer. The franchisor must take the risk of withdrawing a contract for a period of time for other developments and the promoter of the territory may not be able to meet its development schedule. These problems could get worse if the developer does not operate its various sites according to brand standards. Franchisors are able to better control market developments due to the contractual obligations of the multi-entity developer. This allows them to better plan market support, advertising and supply chain logistics. Multi-unit developers are also generally more demanding and better funded than operators in a single unit, providing franchisors with opportunities that are not readily available to franchisees with a single unit. This is why 54% of franchised sites in the United States are currently owned by franchisees with more than one site. Multi-entity developers benefit by closing in on a market area that generally gives them the right to be the exclusive franchisee for the duration of the development agreement. Once the multi-unit developer has developed all the franchises in the agreement, or when the terms of the development contract expire, market exclusivity usually comes back under each franchise agreement. B. It is understood and it is agreed that there is nothing in this agreement that authorizes the MRD, a contract, contract, guarantee or representation on behalf of the franchisor or the assumption of debts or other obligations on behalf of the franchisor, and that under no circumstances will the franchisor be held responsible for such an act, act or omission of the MRD in the conduct of the billion business or a resulting debt or decision.

The MRD and the awarding entities agree to defend at any time at their own expense and franchisor, their partners (including, but not limited to BPR GP, Inc. (“BPR GP”) and Boston Pizza Restaurants (U.S.A.), Inc. (“BP USA”) and all other sponsors, subsidiaries and other related businesses (including BPR , but not exclusively, to all companies and persons, BP Holdings, successor, beneficiary and agent of such an organization, directors, directors, directors, agents, agents, agents, contractors and other entities and persons who provide services or otherwise act for franchisor (including unrestricted, companies bound by the franchisor in any function or role) , executives, employees, representatives, shareholders, members, executives, partners, designers and representatives of each (the franchisor and all others who are collectively called in this part “compensation”), all damages, losses, charges (including reasonable but not limited legal fees), shares, shares, shares , procedures, claims, claims, formal or informal investigations or investigations (whether reduced to a judgment) or one of those arising from one or the following rights: (a) the alleged violation of the DRM or any other alleged violation of a patent, trademark or copyright or other property rights that are in possession or in respect of those third parties; (b) the mrDR`s alleged violation or violation of an industrial standard of contractual, federal, regional or local law, regulations, regulations, standards or guidelines of an industrial standard; (c) defamation, defamation or any other form of defamation by the MRD; (d) the alleged violation or violation of a developer of franchised territories by the MRD enters into a contractual agreement with a franchisor for the development of several sites in a given region or territory.

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