Blue Motor Finance Agreement

If we agree to defer payment with you, we do not change the terms of the original loan agreement, we simply defer a number of your contractual payments to a later date in the initial term of the loan or at the end of the initial loan period. Our customer portal and App Store resellers offer our customers and distributors a safe place to sign up, manage their accounts 24 hours a day and find all their financial information in one place. I bought a van from Bristol Motors (Vauxhall Chingford), which was in December 2019 and after less than 3 months, the van had engine problems. The blue engines never helped me solve my problems, and they never communicated as they should, these are not responsible people, especially Kyle`s customer service, she always tried never to talk to me about my problems again or to respond to my emails and concerns. Today is November 30, 2020, I have always paid for my financing to avoid damage to my credit history, I pay for a carrier that is still being repaired for a year, the only excuse for blue engines and Bristol is that there is a delay due to the pandemic, when I check the necessary parts for my van and discovered that it is available all over the UK. The blue engines were tasked with helping me recover the teleporter, but they let me suffer for almost a year without a pickup truck, my truck being repaired. My experience with blue engines is very, very bad, if you are there to buy, they welcome you all and care so much, once you sign their documents and agree to pay the monthly payments, no one will care even if you have problems, please very carful with the acquisition of finance with blue engines , look at Google reviews, so you know how many people suffer because of the blue engine. Managed to get financing by this company quickly and easily, and drove the car the same day. Easy to use customer portal, no hidden fees all reported in advance, and managed to settle the deal early, which was painless, only a requested number and the bank transferred the money. I`m not thinking twice about using this company for future car purchases. If your circumstances are that the financial impact of COVID-19 is probably more than temporary, it may be in your best interest to voluntarily terminate your contract with us and return the vehicle.

The effects of a voluntary termination depend on factors such as the price for which the vehicle was purchased and the amount you paid for the financing contract and any deposit you paid.

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