Facebook Data Processing Agreement Gdpr

Facebook, Inc. in the United States is committed, as part of the Privacy Shield, to legitimize data transfers from the EEA to the United States. For more information on Facebook`s participation in the Privacy Shield Framework, click here. Custom Target Groups: If we cross-reference your CRM data with our user database and create a “personalized target audience” for your advertising campaigns, we are the data processor. When we appoint third parties who act on our behalf as data processors, we also ensure that we have appropriate conditions in place to comply with the RGPD and protect our data. And when we act as a data publisher on behalf of an advertiser, we, as a princess, rely on the legal basis of our advertisers. You want to make sure that all the tools you use are in compliance with the RGPD. Ideally, you also have a Data Processing Agreement (Dpa) between you and the platforms you use to ensure that you are in compliance with the RGPD law on terms that you understand and agree with. If you have someone from the European Union in your database – maybe they signed up for your email list, or they visited your website and you followed them that way – they have certain rights under the RGPD. No, companies can continue to use Workplace without interruption. We ensure that our contractual obligations allow customers to prove their compliance with the RGPD. And we will update our agreements to provide the obligations required by data publishers.

The right to information – people protected by the RGPD have the right to be informed of the use of their data. Everything that happens to the data must be revealed to them. We also invest in systems to ensure we can identify data security threats when processing data for Workplace Premium customers. In the unlikely event of a relevant incident, we will inform and assist customers. For more information, click here. Facebook and Workplace comply with all data protection laws that apply to us. If necessary, we adapt our existing practices to the RGPD. We also strive to help our Workplace Premium customers meet their obligations. The RGPD applies to all concerned people in the EU and therefore applies to all companies and organisations that are part of their company or organisation. The RGPD applies to all companies that process the personal data of people residing in the European Union, regardless of the location of the company. To understand why we need to introduce the concept of “data manager” and “data transformer.” Depending on its role as a data manager or subcontractor, a company has different responsibilities depending on the RGPD.

A company is a “data manager” when it decides the purpose of processing the data it has collected, whereas it is a “data processor” when it processes the data on behalf of the processor (as Facebook does in most cases). A person`s right to be forgotten is not a new concept of the RGPD. It is currently imposed by existing data protection legislation. A user has the right at any time to ask the processing manager to delete his personal data, a right now mentioned in Article 17 of the RGPD.

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