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For program licensing agreements for programs announced prior to May 1, 1999, please contact your on-site IBM office or your local IBM partner. #ibmlicensing #itam #itassetmanagement #softwarelicensing #ilmt #bigfix deactivated nuclei (POWER) Deactivated nuclei are usually flagged by scanning tools as activated nuclei. Deactivated nuclei generally do not need to be licensed (with the exception of selected ad letters (PLETs) or license information documents (LIs) for a given product/edition/version contain explicitly deactivated cores at full capacity, as they exclude restrictions imposed by operating system commands, BIOS settings or similar restrictions.) IBM customers should be aware that this topic is being discussed. Audit (Licensing Compliance Audit – Compliance Review – Self-Assessment) An IBM customer`s compliance/licensing incompliance. IBM has implemented an extensive audit program around the world, with the help of external auditors such as KPMG and Deloitte (see and for program details). These compliance audits are the identification and subsequent compensation for un conceded software that has been discovered. Audit Relief Part of the audit agreement in which IBM (the supplier) undertakes not to sue the customer for the reported compliance in the audit. Customers should keep in mind that only the past of the notified facilities is unloaded, so that any additionalcompliance (future) and any undeclared use (past and future) can be verified at any time and followed by the supplier. Claims All contracts acquired, software rights, i.e. licenses (indeterminate and fixed-term FTL licenses), maintenance (subscription – support S-S), reintroductions and trade-ups.

IBM`s terminology is currently: License – SW subscription and support 12 months (for licenses), SW Subscription and Support 12 months (for maintenance), DeScription Software and Support 12 months (for reintroductions) and Trade Up License – SW Subscription – Support 12 Months (for trade-ups). Retractable film (retractable film) Software product available on physical support (DVD) with a narrowed license agreement that is accepted by opening the software and breaking the seal to access the media. In the non-IBM language, this is also called full package Product (FPP). Settlement of Accounts Completion of compliance audit litigation. Compensation generally includes audit relief for the benefit of the customer and a compensation penalty for the credit carder`s benefit (associated with the acquisition of rights such as licenses, maintenance, reintroductions or trade-ups). Billing restores compliance with all discovered facilities and reported use. The customer`s misunderstanding is then resolved – for the period prior to the billing date. Undisclosed incompliance and future incompliance are de facto excluded from a transaction: a comparison does not certify compliance. Like all software vendors, IBM has contracts with its customers for the use and management of their software. Each IBM product and version contains an IBM license information document, but the most important to you are those that contain the terms of use, the license metrics (with their specific definition) and the aggregation of the products. As a proven method, you should always be aware of licensing documents and associated updates, as this would have a direct impact on your licensing and compliance position.

Companies that license IBM software generally do so for critical commercial purposes, making it inevitable and crucial to manage these and other pitfalls related to IBM software licenses. It may not be possible to negotiate most of the conditions that lead to these pitfalls, but at least one company must be familiar with its obligations to acquire IBM program licenses.

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