Mash Implementation Agreement

On 21 December 2015, the joint AASHTO/FHWA1 implementation agreement for AASHTO MASH was successfully adopted by the AASHTO Standing Committee on Motorways and approved by the FHWA. The agreement helps promote the use of the next generation of road equipment, the safest and safest. It defined the measures necessary for the full implementation of Aashto`s MASH over several years. Under the agreement, only safety products assessed under the AASHTO-MASH criteria for 2016 will be permitted for new permanent facilities and full exchanges for National Highway System contracts with a rental date after the following dates. Exceptions and clarifications regarding the AASHTO/FHWA implementation agreement are published on the AASHTO website. The FHWA security service verifies whether states have or will have a directive requiring the installation of security equipment up to the date set out in the joint implementation agreement of AASHTO/FHWA and subsequent exemptions. The charts below show the status of states from June 2019.

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