Note Purchase Agreement Adalah

Under a subscription and contribution purchase agreement entered into on October 5, 1998, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (Liberty Insurance Company) purchased a us$220,000 contribution note to the Company (Note 8). Section 1.02 of the Note Purchase Agreement is amended by removing “1.80%” from the definition of “CP Rate” and replacing “1.50%.” . Note purchase contract, dated August 1, 1997, which represents up to $200,000,000 total of senior grades in series, with a first set of senior notes in the total principal amount of $75,000,000, between Belden Inc. . . Результатов: 130. Точных совпадений: 0. Затраченное время: 238 мс Индекс слова: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Больше ..

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