Pa Attorney General Reciprocity Agreements

The latest information on states that have reciprocal agreements with Pennsylvania is published on the Attorney General`s website. To access this information on their site, select “Criminality” and select “Firearm Recipination” in the drop-down field. From here, you can see all the states that currently have reciprocity agreements with Pennsylvania, as well as a copy of the actual reciprocity agreements. All licenses issued by mutual states are recognized in Pennsylvania. There are two ways in which Pennsylvania recognizes reciprocity. The first is in 18 Pa.C.S. 6106 (b) (15) and allows the Attorney General to recognize, without written consent, the license of another state. This is based on the requirement that the other state recognize the Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms (“LTCF”) and that the laws governing firearms in that state are sufficiently similar to those of Pennsylvania. After supporting anti-gun groups, including Michael Bloomberg`s various front groups, Kathleen Kane became Attorney General of Pennsylvania. It quickly used this position to make questionable legal changes to the terms and interpretations of various agreements relating to the reciprocity of transport permits with different states. It is significant that it has changed Pennsylvania`s policy of honoring the authorizations of certain states only if the licensee is not a Pennsylvania resident or also has a Pennsylvania To Carry Firearms license.

For more information, see the “firearms relapse,” there is a list of states that allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in their state, provided they have a valid disguised weapons permit from their home state, whether or not there is a reciprocity agreement with that state. These states generally require that the person have effective authorization and photo identification on the person while carrying the weapon. Note that a person to legally carry a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania, that is: the Attorney General has the power and duty to enter into reciprocity agreements with other states that provide mutual recognition of a Commonwealth license and a license or authorization to carry a firearm issued by the other state. In order to fulfill this obligation, the Attorney General is authorized to negotiate reciprocity agreements and grant recognition of a licence or authorization for the carrying of a firearm issued by another state. In addition, Article 6109 (k) (2) states that “within 180 days of this paragraph coming into force, the Attorney General of the General Assembly reports on the arrangements made under this subsection.” (Added highlight) On the basis of the clear language of the Statute, it would appear that the General Assembly intended to be settled through the States with which the Attorney General has entered into reciprocity agreements in writing on an annual basis.

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