Sfdc Master Subscription Agreement

6.4 Suspension of services. If a fee you owe has been outstanding for 30 days or more, we may, without restricting our other rights and remedies, suspend services and support until these amounts are fully paid, provided we have informed you at least 10 days in advance that your account is late in accordance with Section 14.2 (Manner of Giving Notice) below. If you have an agreement directly with Salesforce and Salesforce suspends services for you because of your violation of this Agreement, all services installed in the same Salesforce instance are also not accessible and are not considered a violation of this Agreement. “The customer pays all the fees charged to Denorsen. Unless otherwise stated in this form or in a purchase order, (i) the fees are based on the services and content purchased and not on the actual use; (ii) payment obligations are not cancellable and fees paid are non-refundable and (iii) quantities purchased cannot be reduced for the duration of the subscription.” 5.1.8. Data storage. The SFDC platform and service contain a certain cumulative amount of user subscription memory at no additional cost. For more information, contact your dealer. Additional memories can be purchased from the dealer. 3.2.

User subscriptions. Unless otherwise stated in the corresponding service order form, i) services are purchased as user subscriptions and cannot be accessed by more than the number of users listed, (ii) additional user subscriptions may be added during the duration of the subscription at the same prices as existing subscriptions that are valid in proportion to the rest of the subscription period at the time of obtaining additional subscriptions. and (iii) added user subscriptions end on the same day as existing subscriptions. User subscriptions apply to some users and cannot be shared or used by more than one user, but can be assigned to new users who replace older users who no longer need continuous use of the services. 3.1. Provision of acquired services. Provision of acquired services. We provide you with services purchased in accordance with this Agreement and the corresponding service order forms for a subscription period.

You agree that your purchases under this Agreement are not contingent on the provision of future functions or functions, nor to public or written comments from us on future functions or functions. 6.4. Expenses of 30 days or more in arre with them. If a fee you owe for services under this agreement or another is outstanding for 30 days or more (except for the costs being in reasonable and good faith litigation), we may, without limitation Our other rights and remedies, suspend full service until these amounts are paid in full. 5.1.7. Subscriptions not cancelled.

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