Verizon Business Agreements

NPI customers also use a price benchmark analysis that quantifies specific cost reduction objectives and identifies targeted improvements in the cost-related business conditions that guide the negotiation process. 1. Generalities. These online master`s conditions, online service schedules (service schedules) and related information that appear under [] are generally referred to jointly as online terms and conditions. Online terms are inserted by reference into an agreement that they can modify or complete. In the absence of an expired agreement, the conditions for receiving or using services not covered by a tariff online apply. Verizon Business Service (offered by a competitive local exchange and exchange provider) – (HTML) 32.6 Customer Agreement for the Use of U.S. Proprietary Customer Network Information (CPNI). Verizon recognizes that it has an obligation and the customer has the right to protect the confidentiality of the client`s NPCN under federal law and/or the State of the United States. To better serve the customer and provide additional services, Verizon Wireless and their affiliates (Verizon Company) may need to use and share CPNI and confidential information. CPNI contains information on the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and extent of use of U.S.-connected telecommunications services and languages Customer Purchases from Verizon Companies, as well as local and toll billing information that is provided to Verizon businesses solely because of the customer relationship with Verizon companies. With the customer`s agreement, Verizon companies can communicate to CLIENT CPNI and other confidential information to businesses, representatives, contractors and partners, so that all of this information can be used to offer the customer the full range of products and services they offer (see for a description of Verizon companies and services).

By signing these master conditions or a contract, the customer agrees that Verizon companies use and divpent CPNI and confidential information as described above. Customers may refuse permission to CPNI by signing these master`s or contract terms and by communicating in writing to Verizon under and of the customer`s decision to refuse the customer`s consent. This is the method to get Verizon`s approval of the use and sharing of CPNI customers, as described above. All other communications and elections for consent or revocation of consent are replaced by this notification and approval. The customer`s consent or refusal of consent remain valid until the customer informs verizon in writing and, in both cases, does not affect the provision of Verizon`s service to the Customer. Optimization of subscriptions and services: the optimal selection of supplier plans and services based on actual and planned use and optimization of zero-use lines and services. While some companies may do this exercise quarterly or every semester, most companies can do so every month. A saving of 10 to 25 per cent is typical. 21.4 Software and documentation. Software that is not subject to other separate agreements or licenses is made available to the Customer under the following agreement from Verizons Standard Software.

The customer receives a personal license, not exclusive, non-transferable, not under-conceded for the use of the software, only in the form of object code, only in connection with services for the customer`s internal commercial purposes on clean or leased devices by the customer (under license). The customer does not use the software in relation to third-party products and/or services, nor to provide services for the benefit of third parties, including and without restriction as a service office.

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