Bcba Independent Contractor Agreement

Hello Tameika, By any chance, could you have an example of an independent contractor agreement between a BCBA and a parent? I`ve been an independent contractor for two years (previous staff) and I would never come back. I preface by saying that I am a military spouse so that I do not have to buy insurance. I understand that as a contractor, this can be a huge additional burden. I have an LLC and I close taxes with my business. As a contractor, I write 1/3 of my house and 1/3 of utilities, car/gas repairs (unlike miles) and many other taxable items. I did more as an entrepreneur than as an employee. I am not a CPA, I would recommend talking to a professional about the pros and cons of owning your own business. I work with an excellent team that is at the forefront of providing our customers with the best service. As a contractor, I can choose my hours, the only downside is that I don`t get paid if I don`t work. New to the thread. Hoping to get an insight into the benefits of a bcba contractor versus employees. Please let me know your thoughts. Even if someone follows his BCBA or BCaBA and uses your supervisory fees are included in your benefits? Thank you for your understanding and explanation.

She wants to change me, but she doesn`t offer any benefit. Try to assess the benefits. Well, this is my first visit to your blog! But we admire the time and valuable effort you put into it, especially in the interesting mail you now share! Hello! There is an example of a basic contract in the Free Resources section, but it must be dealt with based on your specific situation/applicable government laws.

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