Bouncy Castle Hire Agreement

21) The tenant shall not use the device for any purpose other than those described in our terms and conditions of sale. The tenant does not sublet or use the equipment or authorizes the illegal use of the equipment. 11) If a household member begins to develop symptoms of coronavirus during the rental period, the use of the inflatable dinghy must stop and we must be informed immediately. Its May 25 – Sara BattershellJust wanted once again to say a big thank you for the rescue of the day last Saturday! Returning it so quickly was amazing and thanks to you, my girls` birthday party was a great success! Thank you again, we will recommend you in the future and plan to rent in. 3) All shoes, glasses, jewelry, mobile phones, badges must be removed before using the inflatable. It is also recommended to remove the glasses as well. No facial colors, party-poppers, colorful streamers or ridiculous strings that are used either on or near the inflatable boat. No hose or rinse liquid should be used on the inflatable boat, which is a serious violation of our terms and conditions of sale and can cause a serious violation of the cause of the device. A $100.00 fee is charged to the tenant if it is determined that this occurred while the equipment is being rented to the tenant. 6 Our employees make the decision on the position of the inflatable boat and this cannot be postponed during the rental period by you. If no external outlet is available, a 13 amp extension line must be connected and FULLY UNRAVELLED must be connected for our employees.

We may accept a credit/debit card prior to your event on 01628 410736 or 07926 751243, this payment must be made no later than 4 days before the date of your rental. Alternatively, the full cash payment must be made upon delivery of our equipment, if the full payment on delivery is not made, we cannot leave our equipment. For all bookings over 300.00 euros, we need a 25% down payment, which must be paid within 7 days of your order. We are able to accept cheques from schools and charities. When delivering our devices, we must show our delivery drivers two forms of photographic identifiers in order to leave the equipment. It is the responsibility of the person who makes this boat/pneumatic equipment to ensure that all possible measures are taken to avoid injury or damage to the inflatable boat at all times. Big on Bouncing Limited disclaims any responsibility for any injuries or losses suffered by a person while using our devices. Big on Bouncing Limited must also warn the tenant that if an accident occurs by tenants neglecting supervision, then the tenant will be responsible and will not be Big on Bouncing Limited.It is highly recommended that the tenant has covered appropriate liability insurance for his liability for the use of the equipment.

Its January 26 – Liam SpokesWe had a fantastic party and all the kids loved the bouncy castle, the person who fell and was picked up politely and friendly, again thanks for the supply in us with a bouncy castle allowed my sons to rent day for one night, you have to make sure that the property is secured at night and there is a clearance of 1.5m from all sides of the inflatable boat, including the altitude.

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