Collective Agreement For Salaried Employees

Under the Collective Agreements Act, the terms of the collective agreement are mandatory for our member companies. Because of the extensive coverage of the agreements and the generally restrictive rule of the employment contract law, they also bind unrelated employers in the aforementioned branches. Collective Agreement of Employees in the Technology Sector 2020-2021 In the private sector, employers are most often represented by one of the EC member federations, the Finnish Industries Association and the yTN bargaining group, the Association of Executives and Professions. YTN negotiates collective agreements for business school graduates. For more information on industries with collective agreements. For example, the following working conditions are based on collective agreements: many important working conditions are agreed in collective agreements. Contrary to popular belief, these conditions are not necessarily based on the law. All collective agreements for the year 20-2021 (in Finnish) are in force in the public sector specific collective agreements of the public sector. The contractual partners are JUKO, the Association of Public Sector Executives and Local Employers (KT), the Government Office as An Employer (VTML) and the Church Labour Market Organization (KIT). Juko negotiates collective agreements for graduates of the public sector business school. Our collective agreements include exemptions from Finnish labour law and several options for deviating from the rules of collective agreements through enterprise or employment-specific agreements. As a general rule, collective agreements negotiated by YTN, the Association of Professional Executives, apply to members of the Finnish business school graduates. Typical sectors that employ a large number of business school graduates and apply collective agreements negotiated by YTN are: a large number of business school graduates also work in areas where no collective agreement is currently in force.

Among these branches, the collective agreement, also known by the Finnish acronym tes, is an agreement between working partners on sectoral working conditions such as wage increases, working time, leave, leave bonuses, worker representation, communication and other conditions applicable under the agreement. Collective agreements are generally sectoral and are linked to the employee`s professional position. Due to the obligation to protect labour, it is forbidden to become familiar with the conditions set out in collective agreements during the duration of the contract. Collective agreement between the Finnish technology industries and the industrial union 4.1.2020-30.11.2021 Du skal vere logget ind for at f` adgang til siden . . It Services Sector Collective Agreement 20.2.2020-30.11.2021. For gem siden som favorite, har vi brug for din email address. Collective agreement of employees in the board sector 20.2.2020-30.11.2020.

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