Compromise Agreement Philippine Jurisprudence

It is only to clarify the resolution of these cases that it should be noted that there are indeed nine cases before the Court of Justice. The first three cases are those in which the three compromise agreements in question were presented, approved and then set aside, or numbered as CAR 2217, 2455 and 2456 before the Tribunal. The other six are those in which the individual tenants, already in the three cases mentioned above, submitted their respective applications for restitutio integrum in the parts they have already approved under the compromise agreements that they have already approved by the courts and that the defendant Andres did not surrender from the Republic of Car, on the basis of legal force and tried Commissioner Carmelino L. Ipac of the Car at the time of the hearing. defendant Andres before the Court of Appeal. In any case, the scheme is part of the decision of the Court of Appeal, the respondent Andres confirms in part that, during the interregnum, that is, between the filing of the tenants` request for reconsideration (July 9, 1963) and the declaration of refusal (April 27, 1964), Federico Lamela (member of the 2nd group) filed on December 12, 1963 with the K.O. Commission. , Case 2815 (now CA-G.R. No. 34604-R); Tenant Pedro Salcedo (member of the 1st group) submitted CAR Case 2816 (now CA-G. R no 34605-R) on the same day; Tenant Amando Algabre (member of the 1st Group) filed CAR 2817 (now CA-G.R. 34606-R) on the same day; Tenant Juan Baes (member of the 3rd group) filed the CAR 2818 case (now CA-G) on the same day (December 12, 1963).

R 34607-R). Tenant Genofreo Lamela (member of the 2nd group) submitted case 2819 (now CA-G. R 34608-R) on the date above); and tenant Enrico Ata`gan (member of the 1st group) submitted CAR Case 2826 (now CA-G.R. 34609-R), all represented by Atty. Fernando B. Pablo, in each of these cases, prayed for the reinstatement of the parties already within the framework of the compromise agreements and for the damages (Record, p. 27, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41). The landowner, Rebecca Andres, filed an application on January 6, 1964 to dismiss the six (6) cases, based on a force of appeal or an earlier judgment, that is, the judgments of Judge Valeriano del Valle, which upheld the compromise agreement in CAR 2217, 2455 and 2456 (now under CA-G.R.).

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