General Agent Agreement

A panel discusses the new BIMCO/FONASBA General Agency Agreement and explains why agents and their sponsors would benefit from the use. The general agency agreement was developed for the provision of selected agency services over a period of time in a given area or territory. It is designed to be used in all trades and can be tailored to the individual needs of the parties. This contract was published in December 2017 and is the last edition. BIMCO is adapting the SHIPMAN 2009 agreement currently used for the use of autonomous vessels, but the actual absence of autonomous vessels currently in service will involve ongoing adaptations, while the industry will advance its pioneering projects. The first version is expected to be published in 2021. Agency appointments are often arranged by phone or email. However, as the operation of the vessel becomes increasingly complex, there is a growing need for a standard agreement that clearly specifies the services to be provided by the officers and the commitments and responsibilities of both parties. In January 2021, BIMCO will invite the industry to consult the new contract for the sale of vessels in the pipeline and to give its opinion.

The new form is expected to be published in 2021. BIMCO has released SHIPLEASE, a new standard timesheet for sales and leasing transactions that will be featured in a series of free seminars over the coming months. We start with two online seminars and as soon as the situation allows, live networking seminars will be held in Asia, Europe and the United States. access to information on national, regional or port tariffs, taxes and royalties. The copyright of the agreement on the General Agency is on the part of FONASBA. The publishers are BIMCO and FONASBA. BIMCO has issued an authenticity clause of the contract to encourage parties who issue contracts on the basis of a BIMCO form to accept a clause received by an authorized source such as SmartCon. BIMCO has extended its future ship financing suite by introducing SHIPLEASE, a sectoral standard for ship sales and leasing. SHIPLEASE is a sheet of indicative terminology for use in both operating leasing and leasing. It was designed primarily for used ships, but it can be adapted to new constructions.

The digital shop of an Oder-Stop station for all the standard maritime contracts and clauses you`ll ever need. Learn more about BIMCO`s new sales and leasing sheet on December 9 at 3:00 p.m. (EE time).

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