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[FULL] Drake Rohan`s wife is a real work. He despises everything about her. All this, from the heavily pumé face to the excessively red lips, to the shrill voice with which she shouts the servants from the head. But this marriage was his mother`s last desire to die, and he is stuck. Painfully stuck. Amelia W. With someone they`ve only met twice being forced to marry and seeing them as disgusting and ill-behaved, it`s really not a walk in the park. Teigan Saunders really has no choice who she can fall in love with and run happily at sunset. No no.

Her parents insisted that she marry Camden Hyworthy. I never knew I was a ruthless man until I saw her. I know nothing but to kill. Even my mother hated me. Our first meeting was a terrible disaster and the result was our marriage. I decided to turn his life into hell, but that wasn`t the case. She got me out of this hell. I loved her. Hero. Skye Rhodes is a normal teenager who just wants to live smoothly until her parents arrange a wedding. Skye, who is forced to marry an idiot from her school, must hold her wedding from her parents, who force her to marry Landon, her future husband.

Arabella married Lyle Armel to pay off her father`s debts. The only information she has about this man is his reputation. She will soon learn that this marriage would not be as simple as she thought, not if Lyle is powerful, dangerously tempting and tempting, when the boundaries blur and th. This story is about a girl who is a rejected bride. Her husband had thrown her on the altar. When everyone cursed her fate, she saw him as her “knight in shining armor.” She must marry a stranger to keep her respect for herself and her family. This story is about two strangers who are limited by the bond of marriage. “I`m married to you, Luke, don`t you feel like you have some responsibility for this marriage?” “Oh, you want me to be a good husband? Isn`t it? He said with a humorless laugh, while he was getting up, he was rolling up his sleeves. He stopped halfway and looked at me with a smile. “The husband`s first priority is to always be.

Years passed, Sarika married a businessman at the family`s choice and moved abroad. At the end of his postgraduate studies, Arjun began to take care of his family business. A year ago, his grandmother had fallen ill, and from there, she harassed Arjun to marry him. She has begun to see appropriate matches for him, but he is no longer interested in marriage because of his dark past. Almost after two weeks of confrontation with my grandmother, I learned for Radhika in my offices when she shouted at a man who had proposed her to the wedding. I was stunned because he was one of my CEOs, the most appropriate in my office. He was on his knees to convince her, but she didn`t even pay the slightest attention. Curiously, she was also not interested in marriage and was not ready to trust a man who gave his hand in marriage.

I want to know the reason for her act, so I immediately asked my familiar employee to check her background. I was quietly convinced of her actions and learned about her mother`s condition and her money problems. Then I had the idea to make her my temporary fiancée in a marriage of convenience and get rid of my problems. In a way, I decided to talk to him, etc. Originally, my Vampire Mafia Aranged Marriage Melanie Giomatti just turned 18, and what is her gift? An arranged marriage with Dimitri Giordano, a player known to mafia families.. . . .

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