Hhs Interagency Agreement

Once the agreements have been signed by all parties, the IC that initiated the agreement retains the original and sends two copies to the government accounting section, OFM, Building 31, space B1B04 for final release and commitment (Y1, Y2) or for the creation of a reimbursable authority at the CAS (Y3). The initiating IC will also distribute copies of the signed agreement to other ICs or agencies participating in the agreement. For agreements Y1 and Y2 citing non-academic means (those of 842 CAN), the competent authority should also transmit a copy to the OER, room 1248, Rockledge 1, to enter the IMPAC II system. The IC Budget Office is usually the organizational component of distribution. When exercising the termination clause in its agreement with the DoD, HHS said its Federal Division of Public Health “does not have the necessary policies and procedures” to continue to provide common services to the DoD in fiscal 2020. The attached agency agreement sets out the conditions for cooperation between the NIH and___________________to (complete a sentence to identify the purpose of the agreement). Funds generated by a repayable agreement must be subject to the obligation to use refundable CAN (CAN within reimbursable quotas). Defense and HHS spokesmen did not respond to several requests for details about what caused the sudden disruption to the inter-agency agreement or what the Defense Department is doing to find alternatives to sending services. Include agreements in the central accounting system to commit funds and create a refundable authority and introduce a central file of the numbers assigned to each agreement after the financial year.

Form NIH 1742 can serve as a binding/refundable document for all parties to the administration`s internal contract, provided it is fully completed and signed by all participating NIH components. For intra-administrative agreements, only Form NIH 1742 (non-university agreements – 842 CANs) is required from the GFO and the OER. Within the framework of this agreement (identification of the benefits to be derived from this cooperation agreement). Note: A contract may be terminated at any time at the request of the federal authority or non-federal organization participating in this program. To the extent possible, the party terminating the order before the agreed date should inform the other parties thirty (30) days in advance, accompanied by a statement of reasons. . . .

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