Housing Association Tenancy Agreement Scotland

If no one is qualified or wants to succeed, the Scottish lease is safe. If someone who lives in your home and is qualified to succeed chooses not to take over the Scottish Safe Lease, they must terminate the landlord in writing by four weeks and leave the property within three months. If you rent your home to the municipality, housing corporation or housing co-operative, you will likely have a secure Scottish lease. Your lease must be written in easy-to-understand language and not contain unfair terms. If you manage to reach an agreement with your landlord, you can also leave your secure Scottish tenancy at any time with your landlord`s written permission. 1.5 A number of clauses emanate from other legal sources which are not specific to housing law, but which are not part of fundamental rights. These are not underlined in the text. These references are returned in the legal notice of the 2002 model[3]. It is recommended to maintain such clauses in any Scottish safe lease. If you are a public sector tenant, you normally have a secure Scottish lease or, exceptionally, a Scottish short safe lease. If your landlord believes that a joint tenant has left the property and no longer intends to live there, they can inform that tenant four weeks in advance and then terminate their safe Scottish lease.

Their rental continues. The task section contains more information. It is more difficult to prove what was agreed if it is not written. This is due to the fact that there is often no evidence of what has been agreed or that there may be a problem that is not covered by the agreement. You can also prove by other means what has been agreed, for example.B. with emails or text messages. Learn more about terminating your lease. Learn more about how a landlord can end your lease. Under a secure Scottish rental agreement, you cannot manage business from home.

However, if you ask your landlord`s permission in writing, they may allow you to do so, although they may also increase your rent. If you run a business from home, this can affect the housing allowance you can receive. In some cases, if you rent a property with a mid-market rent, you are renting to a private company founded by a housing company. This should be clearly stated in your rental agreement. This means that you are a private sector tenant and not a public sector tenant. Learn more about rentals in the private sector. A private landlord or rental agency may ask for a deposit before signing a lease. It is sometimes referred to as a “key allowance” or “detention deposit”. You must return the money as soon as the lease starts or if you decide not to take over the lease. If they would not refund the money to you, it will become an illegal tax, also known as a premium. Your Scottish safe rental is your right to live in this property.

You can hand over your secure Scottish rental to anyone who has lived with you and used the property as their primary residence in the last 12 months. This is called attribution…

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