Ibaa Agreement

Before using this COVID-19-RPS, you must send an email to your environmental manager, site inspector or local compliance team to obtain their written consent. On the basis of the annual monitoring and evaluation of the project`s performance, the commitments set out in the Annexes may be updated from one year to the next by agreement between the Parties to the IBA. The annexes are therefore dynamic working documents that contain concrete and realistic commitments with regard to the use of Greenlandic workers and enterprises. The licensee and subcontractors must comply with these obligations on an annual annual. The annual performance monitoring and possible updating of the commitments set out in the Annexes ensure that the project complies with the latest economic developments in Greenland (e.g. .B. Workforce, Labour Market, Industrial Structure, etc.) developed. Before accepting the IBAA on your authorized site, you must notify the Office of the Environment by e-mail and obtain our consent in writing. Talk to your regional regulator, site inspector or local compliance team. This page provides links to additional resources to help councils who wish to replicate the practice of the “Living Our Homes Homeless” report in their own jurisdictions.

This includes practical information shared by the councils involved in the project, such as guides, guidelines, proposals and agreements. The general part of the IBA document is non-negotiable and frames the general objectives of the agreement. This is how cooperation between the parties is organised and the areas that will be included. After collection, agreements were added to the database. There are two main elements of the database. First, agreements are recorded in IBA`s instrument database. This document groups the agreements by sector and details the financial provisions of each agreement. Relevant information, such as. B a link to the agreement, where appropriate, the type of project, the date of signature, the location of the project and the Signatory of the Community and the population of the Community shall be indicated. After the inclusion of the IBA agreement in the database, each tax instrument receives an index number and is registered in the IBA tax instruments database by Instrument. .

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