Te Kura Collective Agreement

11.3.1 The following provisions replace clauses 3.9-3.9.9 of this Agreement. These provisions apply only to one staff member appointed as a permanent secondary school teacher in Te Kura. 11.5.9 If a teacher appointed for a position to which management allowances are assigned loses that position or if the position has changed as a result of the application of the surplus provisions in Part 11 of this Agreement, the salary protection provisions of clause 11.3.6 of those provisions shall apply. If the allowance is limited, the term of protection is set for the shorter period of the agreed term or one year, while the teacher retains a position at the school. Note: The assessment of the teacher`s competence for teaching is not one of the selection criteria and should not be a consideration for non-creation. Questions of jurisdiction are dealt with within the meaning of point 3.3 of the Treaty. The problem-solving provisions set out in Part 9 of this Agreement shall be available to a worker who is harmed by measures taken by his employer under those provisions. (a) Without limiting any of the other provisions of this Agreement, the School may request the services of a teacher during a holiday period for a maximum of five days in a twelve-month period. 11.5.1 For an employee appointed as a secondary school teacher at Te Kura, these provisions replace clauses 4.3A.1 to 4.3A.9 of this Agreement. A number of collective agreements apply to employees of the board of directors. The NZSTA participates in negotiations with the Ministry of Education, the relevant trade union and other stakeholders, as well as other related issues that have a direct impact on all school staff.

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