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Note: However, for an employment-related document to be legally applicable, that document must be translated into Arabic and included in your federal employment contract as an appendix in the Other Conditions section. All other documents and communications between you and your employer are only mandatory to the extent that one or both parties agree to be related, i.e. a handshake affair or gentleman`s agreement, without any legal effect. In addition, the employment contract executed by the employee must contain the precise conditions set out in the employment letter before the registration of the employment contract with the MOHRE. This corresponds to article 4 of Ministerial Decree No. 764 of 2015, which provides that “the employer must obtain from the ministerial system a standard contract that precisely covers the conditions of the job offer and collects the employee`s signature on the contract before submitting it to the Ministry for registration. No modification or replacement of conditions may be made unless such a change or replacement benefits the worker and the modification or replacement has been approved by both the worker and the Department. `A fixed-term contract may be renewed with the agreement of both parties or, at the end of the contract, the parties could agree to convert the contract into a contract of indefinite duration. As a result of recent labour market reforms in the UAE, fixed-term contracts have a maximum duration of 2 years, compared to 4 years as before. The contract must also include a termination. Job Description Contract ServiceNow Administrator Up to 25k AED (Up to £5k) per month Dubai, United Arab Emirates Initially 12 months.

Job description ServiceNow Administrator Contract Up to 25k. United Arab Emirates First 12-month contract As a success and preferred. When you hire a Contract ServiceNow administrator. Labour Sector – Assistant Under Secretary of State for Employment Agencies Fixed-term contracts generally do not have a notice period and simply expire at the end of the term or on the date indicated in the contract (unless they are terminated earlier by one of the parties – see answers to questions 5 and 6 below). 1. Is the employment contract identical to the employment contract? It means the same thing if you`re trying to look at gasoline. Both important documents contain important information about your job. But when it comes to employment in Dubai, these two documents are totally different. The official federal employment contract is drawn up in Arabic and English. As provided by law, it contains basic information about your job….

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