Ricardo Beadle preparing   masks at the National Gallery of the Bahamas’ Junkanoo show

The Bahamas Queeen   Gertrude Lythgoe, only woman bootlegger in Nassau in the 1920’s.

Patricia Vazquez who cares for many animals large and small.playing-cow-bells

Scrappy and Billy Junkanoo at Lyford Cay

Exhausted after a night if Junkanoo

Conch and vintage postcard of Nassau

7AM after Junkanoo

Constantitis and Sponges, Long Island – Last Greek sponging family in the Bahamas

“Uncoudy Day” Arawak Cay, Nassau Bahamas

in the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

Watercolor of Danica who cares for the birds at Ardastra Gardens, Nassau

Rais ing orchids  to delivers  to the clubs and homes in Old Fort, Lyford Cay and Nassau.

Click here to view invitation to Albany Art Show



Heather in my Bahamian Hats, Sunnyside Heather with traditional Bahamian palm hats.  Very few people still make them sadly.  I love them.

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